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Sullivan #508 Flexibel
Lengde: 91,4 cm. (36 inch)
Dimensjon: .056" x 2-56
Antall: 1 stk i hver pakke

Ø 1,4 mm messingbelagt wire. Fin til throttle, lettere retracts, og roroverføringer i små til mellomstore modeller, fly, helikopter, båt.

Produsentens beskrivelse:

Cable Type Gold-N-Rods feature a Brass Plated Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated Steel Multistrand Cable, a Nylon Housing, Plated Hardened Steel Gold-N-Clevises and Brass Couplers.

To install, cut the housing and cable to length. Glue the housing into the model. Attach a Brass Coupler or Clevis to one end (by soldering, gluing or crimping). Insert the cable, and attach a Coupler or Clevis to the other end. Thread Clevis(es) onto the Coupler(s); you need a Coupler on at least one end for adjustability.

The .032 size cable is very flexible and light, and is excellent for throttle hookup for engine powered planes and for control surfaces in electrics and gliders.

2″ Minimum Radius, 1 set per package

SULLIVAN GOLD-N-CABLE  .056" 91,4 cm. (GUL/GULL) ¤