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Seagull's passion to deliver aeroplanes that both excite and enthuse is exemplified in this traditional balsa and ply ARTF, inspired by the Douglas A-1 Skyraider single seat attack aircraft. Seagull's model features pre-built and pre-covered fuselage, wing and tail assemblies, pre-installed hinges throughout, and a neatly painted glass fibre cowl, the whole designed to make light work of the basic assembly process. As with all Seagull kits this one comes beautifully wrapped in Oracover heat-shrink film sporting a realistic satin finish, appropriate decals and a host of desirable scale features, such as dummy radial engine detail, flaps, a pilot, and a full complement of bombs and missiles.

Being a scale model and a warbird it'll come as no surprise that the Skyraider is not for beginners, however if you're a confident and competent intermediate or advanced pilot you'll just love its flight stability and surprising aerobatic capability. Suitable for 10 - 15cc internal combustion engines - or equivalent electric power - and 5-channel radio (7 servos), the Seagull Skyraider builds into a shining example of the imposing full-size and, since you'll not have seen many of these at the flying field, has tremendous appeal.

Key Features
  • Optional electric conversion kit included.
  • Flying skill level - Intermediate / Advanced
  • Covered in genuine Qracover film.
  • Operational flaps for improved control and scale landing approaches.
  • Accurate scale outline and details.
  • Glass fibre cowl and dummy radial engine moulding.
  • Fully sheeted aerofoil tail surfaces for improved flight characteristics.
  • Wing mounted guns, drop tank, rockets, and bombs.
  • Two piece plug-in wings for easy transport.
  • Large removable top hatch for easy radio and flight battery access.
  • Cockpit detail and lightweight pilot included.
  • Wing mounted navigation light set included.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
  • 1x Pre-built and covered fuselage assembly.
  • 1x Pre-built and covered wing panel set.
  • 1x Pre-built and covered tailplane.
  • 1x Pre-painted glass fibre cowl.
  • 1x Aluminium tubular wing joiner.
  • 1x Pilot figure.
  • 1x Pre-built and covered rudder assembly.
  • 1x Electric power conversion kit.
  • 15x Wing stores (rockets, bombs and drop tank (with mounts).
  • 2x Fixed, alloy, sprung undercarriage legs.
  • 1x Quality hardware pack (wheels, fuel tank, horns, linkages etc.)
Wingspan – 160 cm.
Wing area – 637 sq.ins
Engine cc: 10-15
Length – 121,5 cm.
Factory covered with Oracover
Length – 53.9ins (137cm)
Approx flying weight – 11.0-12.8lb (5.0-5.8kg)
Fixed U/C legs supplied, suitable air retracts can also be fitted.

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