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SEAGULL DH MOSQUITO 2.03cm (2 x 15CC) (SEA-285)


The Mosquito was designed by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland and was one of the fastest operational aircraft in the world when it entered service in 1941.
To preserve scarce metal reserves and for speed of production, the plane was made from pieces of wood, pressed and glued together in moulds, earning it the nickname ‘The Wooden Wonder’. Exactly 7,781 were eventually built, the last one on November 15, 1950. 6,710 of them were delivered during WWII.
Herman Goering, Germany’s wartime aviation minister, said the aircraft turned him “green and yellow with envy”’.

Key Features

  • Approx flying weight – 6.2 – 6.4 kg
  • Factory covered with Oracover
  • Length – 147.2 cm
  • Wingspan – 203.2 cm
  • Wing area – 61.8 sq.dm
  • Suits – 2 x 15cc Engines

High Quality Balsa and Balsa Plywood Offer Lightweight, state-of-the-art construction
Air foiled tail surfaces
Highly detailed cockpit
Mechanical retractable landing gear included
High-quality pre-painted fiberglass cowls/engine nacelles, and landing gear pods
The factory-applied Oracover covering trim scheme captures the accurate colors of the original D.H mosquito
Numerous scale details include machine guns in the nose, cannon ports in the chin, engine exhausts and a painted pilot figure.
Excellent performance and stability
Working navigation lights
Working drop-hinge flaps add realistic looks and help to slow down landing speed
Detachable main wings help make transportation easier

SEAGULL produserer idag godt over 100 modeller. I Norge lagerføres til enhver tid ca. 50% av modellene, resterende 50% lagerføres hos Europaimportør. 
I tilfelle hvor din bestilling ikke lagerføres i Norge kan levering ta ca.14 dager.

SEAGULL DH MOSQUITO 2.03cm (2 x 15CC) (SEA-285)