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For some, individuality and a deep sense of satisfaction are what counts and in this respect many desire a trainer that they can build, cover, and decorate themselves and one that, as a result, stands out from the crowd. If this sounds like you then Seagulls Boomerang 40 is simply perfect. Traditional in the true sense, the Boomerang 40 is a classic design in a time-honoured size, supplied in kit form, offering all the unique benefits (such as stability, strength and positive handling) that go hand-in-hand with trainers in this class. Manufactured using accurate laser cut balsa and ply parts the kit is as complete as youll find, assembles quickly and easily, and is certain to give you that unique feeling of pride that only comes through flying a model You've built yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your covering, choose your engine, choose your radio, clear that building area, and get gluing!

Engine size: .40 - .46 2T, .52 4T or equal electric

Full 4-channel control with 4 servos (3 If electric).
Optional electric conversion.
Laser cut components for accurate building.
Full hardware pack included.
Perfect for first-time builders.
An ideal entry-level trainer with docile handling qualities.
Great as a general sport aerobat for club pilots.
A blank canvas for your own colour scheme.

What's in the Box

1x Laser cut ply and balsa parts set.
1x High quality hardware pack (horns, pushrods, hinges etc.)
1x Engine mount and fuel tank.
1x Tube of white wood glue.
1x Full size plan.
1x Pilot figure.
1x Decal sheet.
1x Sanding block.
1x wheel set.
1x Spinner.


Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weight 2600 - 2800g    91.71oz
Shipping Weight 2.83kg 6.24lbs
Product Wingspan 1,550mm 61in
Product Wing Area    39.48dm2 612in2
Material Wood  

SEAGULL produserer idag godt over 100 modeller. I Norge lagerføres til enhver tid ca. 50% av modellene, resterende 50% lagerføres hos Europaimportør. 
I tilfelle hvor din bestilling ikke lagerføres i Norge kan levering ta ca.14 dager.