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SAITO FA-40A 6,6cc 4-takts Metanolmotor


As far as modelers are concerned, there’s no sound like the sweet sound of a SaitoTM engine. Saito’s latest wonder is the FA-40a, which shares nearly the same case size as the FA-30, but packs a whole lot more punch. All this power coupled with solid Saito craftsmanship and the standard 3-year warranty is sure to make this potent little 4-stroke one of the year’s most anticipated engines. As with most Saito engines, a special Golden Knight edition is available with a gloss black case and gold plated rocker covers.

  • Displacement: 6.61 cc
  • Bore: 22Φ mm
  • Stroke: 17.4 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Practical rpm: 2.300 ~ 11.000
  • Power: 0.6PS
  • Prop: 10×6" ~ 12×4"

On Board Glow Driver til denne motoren finner du her

SAITO FA-40A 6,6cc 4-takts Metanolmotor