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The all-rounder with many talents!
Start wherever you like - the FunCub makes it possible. Thanks to the large, lightweight EPP wheels and powerful brushless power train this can cope with virtually any airstrip. Whether tall grass or gravel: flaps down, throttle up, and away she goes. They need very little space - just to land. In addition, their talent for spectacular stunts. Large flaps, big wheels, oversized prop and a drive with "oomph" - just the right mix for this addition, you can bring the FunCub the sailors of your teammates on height You must activate only the tow hook (with the floats optional... ), the FunCub the ideal seaplane She's just an all-around talent.:

• Low minimum airspeed 
• Very docile handling 
• for aero-towing gliders (eg EasyGlider size) suitable 
• Powerful power set available 
• Large flaps controlled (optional) 
• Battery Detachable canopy to switch easily 
• Two-part wing by ease of transport 
• Start of almost every slope possible

Remaining work
Pre-engineered suspension and horizontal stabilizer mount, apply decals, install the receiver and battery, check everything and start.

The ELAPOR® model is built and largely assembled. Servos are installed, driving set
mounted. Incorporated are: Motor Himax C 3516-0840, controller MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC,
propeller 13 "x 4" and adapter, 4 servos Nano-S (lateral, flaps), 2 servos Tiny-S
(height, side), cable set, all necessary hardware, including towing coupling (for
activation Nano-S required), decal sheet and multi-lingual illustrated instructions.