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AcroMaster – for experts – and aspiring experts

The AcroMaster is an electric-powered 3-D aerobatic model based on the layout of modern competition machines. The airplane is designed for the advanced model flyer, but it can also be flown by less experienced pilots and for classic aerobatic practice, provided that the control surface travels are reduced to “softer” settings. As you would expect, the AcroMaster can fly any aerobatic manoeuvre, including 3-D, and it even makes a useful aerobatic trainer for competition fl yers. For the club pilot it offers a reasonably priced means of developing the sort of flying skills required to become a show-standard aerobatic flyer.

Kit contents
Moulded ELAPOR® fuselage, wing and tail panel components, wheel spats and spinner, CFRP spar, Undercarriage mount, undercarriage, wheels, Motor mount, Small items, Decals, Comprehensive instructions

  • Removable two-part wings for ease of transport
  • ELAPOR® material
  • Screw-fi tting motor installation (motor mount)
  • Infi nitely variable downthrust and sidethrust
  • Ready to fly in around four hours
Wingspan: 1095 mm
Overall fuselage length: 1150 mm
All-up weight: min. 1050 g
Wing area: 37.6 dm³
Wing loading (FAI): min. 28 g/dm²
Functions: Aileron, rudder, elevator and throttle